Do I have to do anything prior to installing my new GT3 pool cleaner?

  • Ensure your pool water is balanced correctly and that the pool is free from algae,
    debris (such as sticks and leaves), and other rough objects.

  • Clean the pool skimmer and the pump basket.

  • Backwash and rinse the pool filter.

How much pool hose do I need for my pool cleaner?

  • To determine how many 1m hose lengths you need, the hose should reach from where it connects at the skimmer, to the farthest point of the pool, plus 1 more 1m hose length.

  • The pool pump must be running when you do the final check of the hose length. The hose contracts when the pump is operating and will be longer when the pump is off.

Where do I install the Hose Float?

  • The hose float should be attached half way up the first length of hose from the cleaner head. Failure to do so can result in poor cleaner performance. A hose weight must NOT be used.

  • The position of the hose float may need to be adjusted depending on the depth or length of your swimming pool.

The pool cleaner is not moving, or is moving too slowly.

  • Check for debris inside the cleaner itself.

  • Check the pool pump is turned on and has primed. Check for leaks in the system that may prevent proper priming.

  • There may not be enough flow through the pool system. The filter may need backwashing.

  • Check the main drain and all suction lines are closed, except for the suction line to which the pool cleaner is attached.

  • Check for obstructions in the system (e.g. debris in the filter, pump basket or pump impeller).

  • Pool pump and filter system may be too small to provide proper water flow. Consult your local pool shop.

The pool cleaner's right wheel will not turn when rotated by hand.

  • Check for obstructions inside the pool cleaner itself.

The pool cleaner stays in one end of the swimming pool.

  • Check the return line water flow and redirect as necessary with the eyeballs.

  • Check the hose is long enough to reach the farthest point in the swimming pool.

  • Be sure that the swivel assembly (at the top of the pool cleaner) rotates smoothly. If not, the swivel assembly may be dirty and require cleaning.


The pool cleaner won't climb the pool walls.

  • Check the cleaner tyres are not excessively worn. Excessively worn tyres will not provide the grip necessary for your pool cleaner to climb pool walls.

The pool cleaner stays on the main drain.

  • Check to be sure the main drain is closed. Consult your local pool shop if assistance is required.

  • Check a main drain gate is installed.

  • Check the pool cleaner tyres are not worn.

The pool cleaner falls on its side and takes too long to recover.

  • Check the pool hose is long enough to reach the farthest point in the swimming pool.

  • The return eyeball fittings may be pushing the pool cleaner hoses away, so the eyeballs may need to be adjusted.

  • Check the hose float is installed and in the correct position.

Neptune GT3 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner