• When first operating the cleaner, and on regular intervals, carefully monitor the behaviour
    and actions of the pool cleaner, to ensure there is no damage caused to the swimming pool
    surface. Failure to follow the instructions in the User Manual, or improper installation of the
    pool cleaner can result in damage to the pool finish or the vinyl liner.

  • This product was not designed to automatically clean steps or swimouts, or to work under a solar cover. This product was not designed for initial cleanup of a new swimming pool or when opening your pool for the season.


  • Suction from the pool cleaner and the hose can trap, tear or tangle hair and body parts which can lead to serious injury or drowning. Do not play with or apply the cleaner or hose to any body parts.

  • Do not operate the pool cleaner while swimmers are in the pool.

  • Do not allow children to play with the cleaner or the hose.

  • If your swimming pool has a dedicated suction/vac port for vacuuming/automatic pool cleaners, it must be covered when not in use.


  • Before operating the pool cleaner, ensure the pool filter has been cleaned (backwashed/rinsed) and all baskets are empty and free of debris.

  • Stop the pump and disconnect the cleaner from the hose before cleaning out the pool cleaner head or performing maintenance on the pool cleaner.

  • Minor adjustments to the cleaner over time may be necessary to ensure optimum operation.

Neptune GT3 Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner